If patience is a virtue, I’m in big trouble.

January 28, 2010

Oh, Caitlin.
Why do you do this? Always wanting what ya can’t have.

I’m so lucky and so glad to be at CCM. But Freshman year is tough. Especially winter quarter. Every day right now kind of feels like I’m just checking off the days. “Okay, got through this one..check!” or “Yep…still alive today…check!” That’s just kind of the nature of winter quarter. Through all the stress and overwhelming things to do, it’s easy for me to forget once in a while why I wanted to go to a conservatory in the first place, when all I feel like doing some afternoons is takin a big ol’ nap. I think to myself “Why don’t I have more energy? Does that mean I’m not a good actress? Do I have what it takes? Maybe working at Burger King for the rest of my life wouldn’t be SO bad.” blah blah blah. I know. So dramatic.

And then I see this:

And I become inspired and excited all over again. Tracie Thoms went to Howard University for Undergrad and then went BACK to Juilliard. That’s 8 years of school. The girl has some patience. And I need to just appreciate and bask in this time that I have here, because I really do love it. I just let things overwhelm and stress me out because I feel like I’ve become a robot sometimes. There is rarely time to live outside of the classroom or meetings, or homework.

But then I see someone like Tracie Thoms, who is such an inspiration to me (she also graduated from Baltimore School for the Arts, my first love ❤ ) and I feel so rejuvenated. It’s worth the headaches I get sometimes trying to figure out how I will get everything done in a day.

Such a beaut ❤

In other good news, I am SO lucky and honored to be cast in this year’s Spring show Picnic. I’ll be playing Irma, a schoolteacher. This was a huge surprise for me, which I know sounds weird because if you are reading this and you don’t attend a theatre conservatory, you would assume it makes sense to get cast in shows, right? But Freshmen aren’t typically cast in productions, so when Richard called me to replace a role (they had to do some recasting), I was pretty much sure he was calling me to tell me I was cut from the program. (I know, again, so dramatic.) I can’t wait for this adventure! I’m so excited to see how the rehearsal process here works differently from BSA.

Tonight though, I will be taking the evening off to go to Don Pablo’s with Kate and do some window shopping at the Rookwood Pavillion, like a normal homosapian. Sometimes, you need to venture outside of the 2 block radius of Clifton to remember that there is life out there.

‘Til next time…



One Response to “If patience is a virtue, I’m in big trouble.”

  1. Whit said

    Oh, Cait! Congrats on getting cast in the play! That’s so great! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll do so well. And I know things can get overwhelming sometimes, but seriously, ENJOY every minute you have up there! Make good choices, have fun, and learn! Everything else will sort itself out.

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