Christmas decorations

Anyone who know’s me knows that I am a Christmas FANATIC. I found these lovedoves randomly on Google and I think anyone out there with a sweetiepie this Christmas should consider making them their very own lovedove. How could this not melt your heart?


Right now the Musical Theatre department at school is putting up a FANTASTIC production of Hair. I didn’t know the musical well before, but it’s rapidly becoming one of my favorites. I urge you to find a way to see the show, or at least to buy some of the music off of Itunes :).


I’m a girl. Therefore, I love Tiffanys. This snowflake charm from there rips my heart out everytime I see it because I believe it belongs nowhere but my wrist. Unforunately, I am a poor college student who’s just happy to have a meal plan. But if YOU are rollin in the dough, let me live vicariously through you and urge you to consider this as a Christmas gift idea this year.


I’m always liking new things, so don’t be a stranger…:)


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